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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

56:52 min

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Valentine’s Day is not native to Israel, but the country does not lack for tales of love, romance, and the pursuit thereof.  In this, our sixth and final episode of Israel Story’s first season, we bring you stories of love and all the ways it’s got to do, got to do with it. 

Prologue: What Does Love Sound Like?

    4:06 min

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What does love sound like? Bari Finkel hit the streets of Tel Aviv to see what people think. Also, we check-in on the state of Valentine’s Day in Israel.

Act I: The Queen Rania Tree

    20:30 min

Ghazi Albuliwi’s father was lying in the hospital close to death when he made a request of his Palestinian-Brooklynite son: find a wife.  So, Ghazi wet to the West Bank with hopes of finding a bride as pretty as Jordan’s Queen Rania.


TLV1’s Shoshi Shmuluvitz brings us the wild saga of Ghazi’s search for a love in the Tulkarem Refugee Camp.

Act II: Michael and Leah

    6:48 min

michael and leah 1


Michael and Leah have been together for 37 years, living in a counter-cultural religious community that follows the teachings of “The Singing Rabbi,” Shlomo Carlebach. The couple reflect back on their time together, and take a look forward at the future’s uncertainties. Produced by Benny Becker.

Act III: It's Been Six Dates

    10:04 min

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Mishy Harman shares the zany matchmaking adventures of his Orthodox downstairs neighbor, which he had no chance but to overhear because all her dates took place on their staircase, just outside his bedroom window.

Act IV: Checkpoints & Secrets

    15:23 min



Two men– one Israeli and one Palestinian– fall in love. Daniel Estrin brings us the emotional story of how they navigate the boundaries that are intended to keep them apart.

Israel Moment

    48 sec

Elia Einhorn took a bunch of recordings while traveling in Israel and mixed them together to make this masterful, extended Israel Moment.

The piece includes:

  • A Ramallah mosque’s first light call to prayer with rooster crowing
  • Tristram’s Starling song- guide and tourists on Masada
  • Pilgrims from Singapore singing a hymn at the Jordan River at the spot where John baptized Jesus
  • A strong wind blowing through a tented Palestinian roadside fruit stand
  • Celebrants at a bar mitzvah in Masada’s synagogue
  • Church Of The Holy Sepulchre bells ringing in the Christian Quarter of The Old City of Jerusalem
  • A Kabbalist in a Safed synagogue explaining Kabbalah
  • Spontaneous customer and staff group singing of prayers on Chanukah in a restaurant in Jerusalem’s Cinema City as the candles are lit, with radio in the background.
  • Traffic and distant church bells in downtown Ramallah, around Christmastime


    1:06 min

For music and mixing help on today’s episode, a big thanks to Jonathan Groubert, Tarek Fouda, and Collin Oldham. Thanks to Dave Isay and Mike Garofalo from StoryCorps, Emily Harris, Avner Shelem at TLV1, and to our friends and partners at Tablet Magazine.


Israel Story staff includes Mishy Harman, Yochai Maital, Roee Gilron, Shai Satran, Nava Winkler, Maya Kosover, Benny Becker and Bari Finkel. Julie Subrin’s our executive producer. That’s it, we’ll be back – after a short break – with a whole new, and exciting season of Israel Story. So stay tuned for that, and meanwhile, yalla bye.